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Statement Of Purpose


The Sarnia Golf and Curling Club is a family-focused facility that provides outstanding year-round sports and social amenities in a premium inclusive setting.


To be a premier private multi-sport facility that is the social center of families for generations.


We believe and value:

Financial Responsibility – With guidance from the Directors, the Management and Staff will operate in a fiscally responsible manner. Managing the Club’s assets based on prudent financial standards.

Membership for Life – The Club will work to create a membership experience that is valued at all stages of life. Providing our Members with the appropriate categories that will help them continue to grow with the Club throughout their entire lives.

Foster an Inclusive, Safe, and Enjoyable Environment – Create through our thoughts, actions, and words an environment in which Members, Guests, Management, and Staff are treated with dignity and respect.

Importance of Family – Club policies, procedures, facilities, and activities will be designed with multiple generations of family members in mind. Encouraging our Members to share their enjoyment of the Club with those closest to them.

Value Proposition – The Club will strive to provide our members with the highest value proposition possible. Focusing on presenting our amenities, experiences, and services at a reasonable expense.

Importance of Club Staff – The Club recognizes that our staff is our most important asset and contributor to the Membership experience. With this in mind, we will hire, develop, invest in, and reward the best people available for every position.

Continuous Improvement – We will challenge ourselves, and our Staff, to ensure all Club facilities and services are on the cutting edge of industry practices to become an industry leader and an example for other Clubs to emulate.

Measurement – The Club will seek to make data-driven decisions that will include Member satisfaction to yield more effective processes.

Environmental Stewardship – We accept our responsibility to protect the environment and will work toward a reduction of our environmental footprint.