men curling team at sarnia golf & curling club

Clubhouse Facilities

The Sarnia Golf and Curling Club is a full service private club. We have casual dining, fine dining, banquet facilities and two mixed lounges. We proudly boast to being one of the finest and largest curling facilities in Ontario. We have eight sheets of the best quality ice thanks to our Head Ice Technician Don Bourque and his staff.

Curling Leagues

We have a wide variety of leagues for your curling enjoyment. Whether you are an experienced curler looking for serious competition or you are a beginner looking for some fun and socializing.

Friday Night Mixed

If you are looking for a great night of 6-ends of fun curling, Fridays are a must. It is a very popular league with 3 draws throughout the season. Couples curl together with the experienced curlers place in the Skip/Vice positions. Curlers can also enter individually and will be paired with other single curlers for each round. Team requests be accomodated if possible in the first round of play. A great night out! 

Monday Night Mixed League

The league is designed for both the casual and competitive curler, for couples and for single curlers. Enter as a team, (two men, two women) or sign up individually. Approximately 21 games scheduled. The format is a round robin followed by a division playoff system. 

Monday or Friday Learn to Curl

This is a new program for the novice or the occasional curler, members and non-members. Experienced curlers are also invited to participate to assist new curlers. Two 7-week sessions will be held comprised of men & women participants. Sign up a group of friends, neighbours, or co-workers or sign up as an individual and be placed in a group. Each week there will be instruction and practice followed by actual ends of curling. If you have an interest in curling, this is a great way to be introduced to the game! 

Men's Tuesday Night League

There are many competitive teams in this league. We have a range of experience from the beginner to the long-time curler. You can enter as a team or as an individual and be placed on a team. 

Wednesday Night Open League (Non-Competitive)

This league is a perfect opportunity for both the fun curler as well as teams that want to play together, but aren’t into the real hard competition. This is an open league for men & women. Team entry and single sign ups are welcome. 

Major League

The Major League is definitely designed for the stronger teams who are looking for the competitive edge. An extra fee is charged to each team to augment prizes. This league is open to men, women, juniors or any combination. 

Wednesday Night Briarwood League

This league is open to all curling members. A new draw is made about 3-4 times per season and teams are made by draw. Sign up as a single for your preferred position for each round and the convenors will draw teams. This is an open league to both men and women. 

Thursday Riverview Open League

This league is open to all curling members. A new draw is made about every six weeks and teams are made by draw. Sign up as a single for your preferred position for each round and the convenors will draw the teams. This is an open league for men and women. 

Tuesday Night Women

The are two draws throughout the season, and all teams are drawn. This night is a great mixer and always fun. Novice and experienced curlers are welcomed. Sign up as a single and convenor will draw the teams.

Thursday Night Women

Thursday evenings are comprised of skip’s choice teams. This format allows the competitive team to play together and also gives the fun curler a chance to be placed on a team. 

Day Ladies Leagues

The Day Ladies section run a great program and offer leagues on both Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Morning leagues each run three draws over the course of the curling season. These leagues are an excellent format for the new, the intermediate and the experienced curlers.

Wednesday Ladies (Grace Clarke) League

Wednesday morning is the ladies competitive league where Skips enter teams at the beginning of the season. Singles can also sign up and will be placed on a team based on availability. 


Senior Men's League

Mondays at 12:45 pm. The season is divided into two sessions, October to December and January to March. Participants sign up as singles, indicating their experience/preferred positions, and the teams are then chosen by their respective committees. 

Senior Competitive League

Play takes place on Wednesday afternoon. All teams are place in one division. Skips enter their own teams. Singles can sign up and will be placed on a team based on availability.  

Senior Major League

Play Thursday afternoons. Skips enter their own teams. Open to male curlers 50 years of age and over, and female curlers 45 years of age or older. 

Friday Senior Open League

Play on Friday mornings. Each player will play two ends at each position. Participants sign up as singles and convenor will draw the teams. 

Junior & Little Rockers

These programs are fun for children of members and non-members.


Our junior program is for males and females between the ages of 12 and 20. This group includes both novice and experienced curlers. They play Sunday afternoons between 3-5 pm. 

Little Rockers

Little Rocker curling is for boys and girls ages 8 to 13. This is an instructional program from 12:45 pm to 3 pm on Sunday afternoons. The program is designed to have fun while learning the game. Special lighter rocks are used. Curling brooms are provided. 

  • The rocks they use are half the weight of the regular rocks and brooms are provided
  • The children need only to dress warmly, bring helmets, clean running shoes and two rubber grippers
  • Instruction will be given and volunteer coaches supervise on-ice play
  • Any parents or grandparents who know how to curl are invited to come and help


Curling Services

The Pro Shop offers a complete line of curling equipment and clothing.


For more information, please contact the Pro Shop at 519.336.2201 extension 234

Curling Contacts

Jamie Parkinson - Draw Master 519.336.2201 extension 234
Jeff Yates - Assistant Draw Master 519.336.2201 extension 234
Don Bourque - Head Ice Technician 519.336.2201 extension 232



What equipment do I need to curl?
The only equipment that you need to curl is a curling broom and a slider for one foot. These can be bought for roughly $100.00. The club will provide loner equipment until you buy your own.
How long is a game?
An eight game end usually lasts about 2 hours.
How cold is it on the curling rink?
Most people curl in a light jacket or a heavy sweater.
How am I assigned a team?
At the beginning of the season leagues are formed. Each league has an approximate skill level. New curlers are placed on teams according to their level of ability and their reason for curling. ( ie: social or competitive)
What if I join a team and can’t make a game?
Each league has a list of spares that can fill in for you.
Is there instruction available?
At the beginning of each session we offer free instruction clinics for beginners or for those wanting to learn more. The Monday Learn to Curl League has one half hour of instruction each week.
How often can I curl?
Each league curls once a week. If you joined two leagues you would curl twice per week, etc.
What is a bonspiel?
A bonspiel is a form of tournament. Most are held on weekends. Anyone who wishes to curl in a bonspiel usually has the opportunity to sign up in advance when it is announced. Bonspiels are held at our club and at other clubs around the area. Generally an extra entry fee is charged for participation.
Is private instruction available?
Most of our experienced curlers and coaches are more than willing to provide one-on-one help.
Is there much socializing with curlers?
One of the main reasons a lot of people curl is for the social aspect. You will get the opportunity to meet many people who live and work in the Sarnia area. Socializing takes place on the ice and after the game.