Practice tee in front of clubhouse

The Sarnia Golf and Curling Club considers your safety the top priority during inclement weather. Weather reports, radar screens, and the skies are all monitored to the best of our ability during storm watches and warnings. If it is considered to be unsafe to continue golfing due to a storm approaching, the Pro Shop will declare a "lightning or severe weather alert" and will sound a horn/siren to call all golfers off the course and into the clubhouse.

If you see Lightning or Hear the Horn / Siren

  •  Players should stop play and seek shelter any time they believe lightning or severe weather threatens them, even if a signal has not been sounded!
  • All players MUST leave their respective holes and return to the clubhouse - this is the safest place on the property.
  •  Players will be warned by our LIGHTNING PREDICTION SYSTEM which sounds ONE prolonged blast of the horn signaling suspension of play.
  •  Resumption of play is signaled by THREE, five-second blasts of the horns.
  •  IF YOU HEAR A WARNING AND CONTINUE TO PLAY, YOU DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK! As well, you may face additional discipline from the Club as your actions will be in direct violation of the Club's Lightning Safety Policy.
  •  We insist that all members and guests follow the warnings issued by the Lightning Prediction System.
  •  Please do not ask club employees to retrieve clubs or power caddies during a "lightning alert" as their safety will be jeopardized.
  •  Do not continue to golf and do not seek shelter under trees or in power carts. These locations do not protect you from lightning.
  •  Solid structures with metal roofs to dissipate lightning strikes are safe places of shelter. Please note that a golf cart does NOT protect you from lightning.

Additional Safety Recommendations

  •  Keep a safe distance from tall objects, such as trees, hilltops, and telephone poles.
  •  Avoid projecting above the surrounding landscape. Seek shelter in low lying areas such as valleys, ditches, and depressions.
  •  Stay away from water. Lightning can strike the water and travel some distance from its point of contact.
  •  Stay away from objects that conduct electricity, such as tractors, golf carts, golf clubs, metal fences, and lawnmowers.
  •  Avoid being the highest point in an open area. Swinging a golf club or holding an umbrella can make you the tallest object and a target for lightning.
  •  In a forest, seek shelter in a low-lying area under a thick growth of small trees or bushes.
  •  Keep alert for flash floods, sometimes caused by heavy rainfall, if seeking shelter in a ditch or low lying area.
  •  If caught in a level field far from shelter and you feel your hair stand on end, lightning may be about to hit you. Kneel on the ground immediately, with feet together, place your hands on your knees and bend forward. Don't lie flat.
  •  If you are in a group in the open, spread out, keeping people several yards apart.
  •  Avoid elevated ground, golf carts, mowers, cell phones, radios.

Role of the Pro Shop & General Manager

  • Issue warnings to any Member or Guest who fail to follow the Club's Lightning Safety Policy and Club Employee safety requests
  • Post the Club's 'Lightning Safety Policy' throughout the clubhouse
  • Comply with 'Duty to Warn' issues and avoid a negligent posture



Lightning is a severe hazard that must be viewed seriously.

The Sarnia Golf and Curling Club and our employees are not responsible for the safety of any golfer on the course and it is therefore your responsibility to remove yourself from any situation which you deem dangerous.